The Music
The Music

The Music

The original compositions for the CD are composed by Mike Steinel and performed by the Mike Steinel Quintet featuring Rosana Eckert. Many of the tracks are included in shortened form for the audio book. There are ten songs in all. Here are a few to sample. The CD is released on Rosewood Audio and is available as a disc, download or can be streamed. Check the "store" page.

CD personnel:
Mike Steinel - Trumpet and Flugelhorn
Rosana Eckert - Vocals
Chris McGuire - Alto and Tenor Saxophones
Pat Coil - Piano and B3 Organ
Carl Hillman - Bass (Acoustic and Electric)
John Adams - Bass (Acoustic and Electric)
Steve Barnes - Drum Set
Gary Eckert - Percussion

Recorded on October 21, 2021 and May 12, 2022 at Crystal Clear Sound
Kent Stump - Engineer

Track Listing:

Party On Central
Sweet Bird
Michael Newman's New World
Bud Powell
Silver Rail
Musser's Ozark Resort

Two Left Feet
C Monster

Pat Coil, Eric Hitt, Rosana Eckert, Mike Steinel, Chris McGuire, and Steve Barnes (hidden) performing music from Saving Charlie Parker at Steve's Wine Bar in Denton, TX.